Frequently Asked Questions

If I join, but don't use the service immediately, is that time wasted?

Not at all! For passes, the clock starts ticking when you first use get help from us. Same goes for plans that automatically renew. In that case, we set the renewal date based on when you first get help as long you use the service at least once during the renewal period.

So if you wait 3 months after signing up to get our help on a recurring annual plan, we delay the renewal by 3 months later (15 months from when you first signed up).

Is this service actually unlimited?

Absolutely yes for the duration of the pass or subscription membership plan you have purchased. Meet, plan, message with us as much as you need. We're not sure how long we'll keep this policy, but we will guarantee it remains in effect for at least your pass or subscription period.

If we change this, it would only go into effect for the following renewal period for subscriptions and we will give a 30-day heads up.

How does the service work in detail?

When you join our program, you will receive a welcome email that contains a private link to our scheduling page. There, you can book time whenever you wish with a random expert or a specific one of your choosing. You will then receive a calendar invitation that will contain a link to video chat. Experts will record the calls, so you don't need to take notes. We will send a follow up email (typically in less than 24 hours) with a transcript and audio of the call. Several days after that (typically within 48 hours) we will send you an action plan.

Outside of this offering, your welcome email will also contain a private email address for messaging our help desk with any smaller garden-related questions. For example, if you need help with identifying a plant, possible pest, or a disease problem--our experts are ready to help and will respond in typically less than 24 hours.

What is in the action plan?

The action plan is a special document that contains all of the resources you need to execute on the plan you've developed with one of our experts. We've designed it to be easy to digest. The action plan includes sections like a shopping list (including where the items can be acquired online or locally), a relevant plants list, as well as tutorial videos for any topic as needed.

Do I need to take the call in my garden?

Taking the call in your garden is not required, but we strongly suggest doing so, along with taking it from your phone with video on. Even if you don't have a garden up and running yet, it is helpful for our experts to review the space so they can provide input on where to place things and what will grow well.

Do experts cover advanced topics beyond basic gardening?

Absolutely. Our experts have a wide range of experience. If you're looking to get into things like keeping chickens, start a farm, or breed crops, etc. we can help. If a specific expert does not know the answer on a call, they will either follow-up with the answers you need in the action plan or refer you to another expert on the team who has the relevant background.

What if an expert does not have experience in my geographic region?

Experts are able to account for different growing areas as the principles of gardening are largely the same. Before a call, we ask you for the location of the garden, which the experts use to research the area: the climate, what grows well when, the soil, etc.

Do calls need to be recorded?

Yes, we need to record the calls in our expert. Recording calls is a required part of the process. We use the recordings to create a transcription, which we both send to you and the experts refer to when crafting your action plan.

Do you advise on organic methods?

All of our experts primarily stick to organic methods and treatments. They may advise on non-organic methods and treatments on request.

What if I'm not satisfied with a consult or an expert?

If you find yourself unsatisfied with a consult, you can always book another call with a different expert under our program. After consults, we include requests to rate your experience in our follow-up emails. We use this to constantly improve program satisfaction.

How does canceling subscription membership work?

For subscriptions, simply contact us through any of our support channels (website chat box, our contact form, or our support email address) and we will cancel your service without a hassle. Your membership will remain valid throughout the remainder of the subscription's payment period.

If you try any type of plan (pass or renewing service) within 30 days of signing up and are unsatisfied, we'll provide a full refund.